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Pacentro, a beautiful village in the Majella National Park included in the club of "The most beautiful villages in Italy", is an old fortified town built on a hill overlooking the entire Valle Peligna.

In Abruzzo, a region of agricultural and pastoral traditions and religiosity, the Carnival used to represent shared values and beliefs by celebrating the start of the new year.

To anticipate the next great range of events that will take place in Abruzzo for the Carnival, we would like to suggest the recipe of traditional "chiacchiere", provided by Marianna Colantoni, a blogger at www.lamacchiarola.it

Among Carnival events in Abruzzo, it is important to highlight a curious event that takes place in Montorio al Vomano (in the province of Teramo) on the day after Mardi Gras.

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