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Other information

Other information:

Abruzzo Promozione Turismo 
Corso V. Emanuele II, 301 
65122 Pescara 
tel from Italy: 800 502520
tel from abroad: +39 085 42 900 900
E-mail: info@visitabruzzo.co.uk

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VisitAbruzzo_uk Let's continue to discover reasons that made #Abruzzo one of the hottest holiday destinations according @CNN N° 9 is dedicated to top restaurants One of Italy's most famous 3Michelin Stars Chefs, Heinz Beck, is at the helm of a very popular restaurant in Pescara #Italyforfoodies pic.twitter.com/r99yeJZbha
VisitAbruzzo_uk Italians know that Sulmona is famous for being the capital of sugared almonds, known as "confetti", but foreign tourists had no idea. A further reason to visit Abruzzo is one more time linked to gastronomic specialties. #Abruzzo #Italyforfoodies #tourism #tastyabruzzo pic.twitter.com/B1WIx2LEoO
VisitAbruzzo_uk The 7th reason that made #Abruzzo one of the hottest destinations according to CNN are... medieval towns! Away from the crowds of more famous towns in Tuscany, places like Pescasseroli, Tagliacozzo and Santo Stefano di Sessanio #tourism #authenticvillage #italianvillage pic.twitter.com/vOZxLYCfmH
VisitAbruzzo_uk In fifth place of @CNN list we have...lakes and natural springs. The natural beauty of Abruzzo rivals every region across Italy. Its seven picturesque lakes have nearby camp sites or accommodation options, in particular Lake Bomba. #abruzzo #tourism #lake pic.twitter.com/j7U7NMYipi
VisitAbruzzo_uk Let’s continue our overview about the reasons that made #Abruzzo Italy’s new hot destinations according to CNN. The fourth reason to visit our reagion are the idillyc beaches! #tourism #smartabruzzo #wildabruzzo pic.twitter.com/MWqdjEHpDj



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