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Abbateggio is a small village that stands in a beautiful natural setting, between forests of beech and oak in the Majella National Park, which includes two-thirds of its territory. It is known as the "nativity scene village", for its ancient and perfectly preserved appearance: the centre, clinging to a rocky spur on the valley of the Fosso Fonte Vecchia, enchants with its white stone houses, typical of these areas, the narrow and intricate alleys and the steep stairways that guide the visitor's steps. From here, the view ranges from the Gran Sasso Massif to the sea in the distance. Nearby, not to be missed is the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Elcina, isolated on a hill, with its stone facade and perimeter walls.

Info: Town Hall - Via Roma, 8 - 65020 Abbateggio (PE)

Tel: 0858574223 - comune@comune.abbateggio.pe.it



Provincia: Pescara

CAP: 65020

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 447m


42.2256293, 14.0107077