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Tufo di Carsoli - AQ


The territory of Carsoli is cut in two by the Turano river and surrounded by a landscape full of beauty, almost wild. The oldest part of the village is located in a strategic position, on the hill that dominates the whole area, where stood the Orsini Castle, whose remains are still visible. This fortress was built around 1000 by the Counts of the Marsi to protect the territory and its remains can still tell those stories, including fights, strategies and battles to defend the village and its people. Around, finally, woods and paths to rediscover the contact with nature: in particular, to see is the nature reserve of Grotte di Pietrasecca, where you can hike, even guided, going to the discovery of caves, geosites and enchanting paths.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67061

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 910


42.1003467, 13.0894267