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Castelvecchio Subequo

Castelvecchio Subequo

Castelvecchio Subequo stands on a rock spur of Mount Putano, straddling the Marsicano, Peligno and Aquilano areas, a small but very rich artistic, historical and cultural village. Walking through the village and its surroundings, in fact, it is easy to come across buildings of architectural and cultural value, and in important archaeological sites: Castelvecchio, for example, preserves the archaeological heritage of the ancient Superaequum, one of the three most important cities of the Peligni. History, therefore, but also hospitality and know-how: here the traveler is welcome and will be received in the beauty of a village that is reborn and is focusing all on the recovery of ancient crafts, returning to be the jewel that has always been in past centuries.


Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67024

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 490


42.130497, 13.7307312