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Museo Musicale - Sala Tosti - Ortona

Museo Musicale "Francesco Paolo Tosti" - Ortona (CH)

The Tostiano Institute, established in 1983, is an institution of musical commitment and deals with the dissemination of the life and works of the composer Francesco Paolo Tosti (Ortona, April 9, 1846 - Rome, December 2, 1916), other musicians from Abruzzo, and more generally vocal chamber music and other areas of musical culture. It is housed in the Renaissance Palazzo Corvo, which also houses the Archivio Francesco Paolo Tosti - Museo Musicale d'Abruzzo, inaugurated on 9 April 1994. Through original photographs, letters, manuscripts, scores, books and personal items, the Museum retraces the stages of the eventful life of the famous musician from Ortona.
The Museum is divided into three sections:
1) The Musicians' Section, which reports on donations from the Tosti Fund, the Giuseppe De Luca Fund, the Albanian Guido Fund, the Vincenzo Forchetti Fund and the Tommaso Ranalli Fund;
2) Organological section presenting classical violin making instruments and musical instruments of extra-European tradition;
3) Iconographic section that includes framed panels, containing the works of the many participants in the International Competition of former musicis, organized as part of the eighth edition of the Biennale Exhibition "Violinmaking in the South" (Ortona 1997).
At Palazzo Corvo, there is also the Biblioteca Musicale Abruzzese, which preserves periodicals, monographs, printed and manuscript scores, sound documents concerning every genre, shape and musical style. It is very popular with scholars from all over the world.


Corso Matteotti Palazzo Corvo 66026 Ortona (CH)
Tel. 085 9066310

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