Museo del Costume - Sulmona

Transhumance and Costume Museum - Sulmona (AQ)

The Abruzzese - Molise and Transhumance and Costume Museum preserves numerous testimonies of Abruzzo popular culture, with particular attention to traditional clothing. In fact, various 19th century female dresses are on display, complete with accessories from Scanno, Sulmona, Pettorano, Introdacqua, etc. A collection of hundreds of period prints, some of which can be seen here, complete the documentation. Finally, of importance is a large nativity scene of remarkable quality created by Enzo Mosca from Sulmona.

Opening hours: from 9.00 to 13.00 / from 15.30 to 18.30
- simple ticket: € 3.50 (you can also visit the archaeological museum and the museum in situ)
- cumulative ticket: € 5.50 (you can also visit the collections of the Diocesan Civic Museum Pole with the Civic Art Gallery and the Museum of Holy art)
Weekly Closure: Monday
Admission Reductions: children up to 12 years and over 65s
Telephone: 0864 212962

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