Museo dei Fossili e delle Ambre - San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore

Museum of Fossils and Ambers - San Valentino In Abruzzo Cit. (PE)

The museum is divided into two rooms and three sections: the paleontological room that includes the fossil section and the "man" section and the room of the ambers. the paleontological room, after an introductory part on the relationship man-fossil and on the slow affirmation of paleontology as science, offers a general picture of the birth and the evolution of the life in the sea, cradle primigenia of every organism. Several hundred fossils are on display, all original and belonging to the main animal and plant groups, illustrating the history of the last 500 million years of our planet. In this room there is also the section "man", which presents through the casts of the most significant human findings the evolutionary phases towards the Modern Man. The section is completed by an exhibition of some stone instruments and exhaustive explanatory panels. The Amber Room presents over two hundred examples of fossil resin produced by ancient trees of species now extinct and aims to expand and deepen the educational path at the base of the museum. The first part of the room is conceived as an introduction to the world enclosed in fossil resin through the exhibition of finds containing animal and vegetable inclusions perfectly preserved for millions of years and therefore of great palaeontological importance. The route continues with a series of showcases, divided into areas of origin, containing amber artifacts and equipped with explanatory panels and numerous large-format photographs.

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Opening Hours:
The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays
winter: from 15 to 18. summer: from 17 to 20. For the months of July and August the Museum is also open on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Tickets: full 2 euros, reduced 1 euro.

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