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Among the enchanting villages and the Majella panoramas

From Fara Filiorum Petri, a pretty village of Lombard origin and known for the feast of the "Farchie" (great bonfire of reeds) that takes place every year on the evening of January 16, we proceed, in an increasingly mountainous landscape, towards Pretoro. This is a characteristic "crib" country with an interesting historical center. There are numerous woodworking workshops: artisans with great skill make spoons and forks, "maccarunai" to obtain the famous pasta alla chitarra from egg puff pastries, as well as a wide range of home accessories. Leaving the last houses of the village, in a scenic landscape, you can find the wildlife area of ​​the Apennine Wolf, where wolf specimens live in semi-liberty (tel 0871 898143). Nearby there is also the multimedia exhibition of the wolf (tel.0871896007). The Majella slopes are then outlined. The road continues among beautiful landscapes, green pastures and dense coniferous woods, in the direction of Passolanciano (1306 m), the mountain village best equipped in the Chieti area. Continue up until you reach Majelletta (m 1995) and Blockaus (m.221) terminal points of the itinerary, intensely frequented during the winter season. The landscape here is very wide: to the west the Morrone (m 2061), to the south the summit of Monte Amaro (m 2793) to the north-east the Adriatic, with the view from Monte Conero to Gargano, to the Tremiti Islands. Interesting hiking trails start at the Blockaus. For the return you go down to Pretoro and shortly after the town you turn right into a road that after about 7 km leads to the town of Bocca di Valle, suggestive for the thick pine forests and the alpine landscape. In a cave carved into the rock there is the shrine of the Fallen soldiers from the war of 1915-18; here lie the remains of Lieutenant Andrea Bafile, who died on the Piave. Continue towards Guardiagrele, famous for the processing of wrought iron and embossed copper. Guardiagrele is a small jewel of art. To visit: the church of S. Maria Maggiore, with the quadrangular bell tower under which there is a splendid portal of the fifteenth century and the Church of S. Francesco from the 14th century. Every year, from 1 to 20 August, the exhibition-market of Abruzzese craftsmanship takes place. At lunchtime it is advisable to taste the exquisite specialties of the area, real delicacies! A Pretoro: "p 'ttolozz" (pasta dough made with flour and water) with the sauce; pasta alla chitarra; grilled lamb; lamb coratella; the "turcinelli" (pork entrails filled with sweetbreads and hot peppers); the "ciabbotte" (set of vegetables to be poured on slices of homemade bread); vegetable stew with smoked Sardinian; "pizza scim" (white bread not leavened and without salt). In Rapino: pizza and vegetables; grilled lamb; small baked goat; stuffed rabbit; Rapino's bocconotti. A Guardiagrele: pasta alla chitarra; sagne and beans; grilled lamb; vegetables and pizza; rabbit cooked under the tile with potatoes; dairy products including the exquisite "stracciata". Among the desserts the bocconotti and the sise delle monache also called Tre Monti, consisting of two layers of soft sponge cake filled with custard. The shape is the typical one with three tufts placed in a triangle.

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