Castello di Crecchio

Castello Ducale - Crecchio (CH)

Among the hills connecting the Adriatic Coast to the Mount Majella massif, the ancient village of Crecchio (Chieti) can be found. Crecchio, which retains the feel of an ancient village, is dominated by the striking De Riseis-d'Aragona Castle. 

The castle was built on the site of a previous construction: a thirteenth-century Norman tower called “dell’ulivo.” Thanks to a series of transformations initiated in the fifteenth century, the castle went from being a defensive fortification to a residential building. The southern loggia was added, as was the upper loggia (leading to the destruction of the former battlements) and the noble floor of the palace, used as a residence for the local lords.  

In 1943, the Castle hosted the Royal Family of Savoia and all their General Staff as they escaped from Rome to Brindisi: the owners were close friends with the royals, and the wife, lady of the court, was the godmother for the baptism of one of the princes. In June 1944, it was severely damaged in World War II bombings and was restored to its current form in the 1970s.  

Today it accommodates the Museo Archeologico dell'Abruzzo Bizantino e Altomedievale (Byzantine and High Medieval Archeological Museum of Abruzzo).

(Translation by Paula Qefaliaj with Matthew Prisco) 

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