Liquore allo zafferano abruzzese

PDO Saffron liqueur - Liquore allo zafferano Dop


L’Aquila saffron, which was recently granted PDO status, in the past was used in the most diverse ways by local people as a tonic and a food ingredient.

Saffron liqueur derives from the combination of this custom with the widespread tradition in rural communities of recycling lees, a by-product of wine-making, to obtain alcohol that was then aromatized with local herbs to make it more palatable. The liqueur is a deep yellow colour and is made by cold  infusion  of  L’Aquila  saffron  and  wild  herbs  picked  in  the  most appropriate places and at the right time. The infusion is then diluted in suitably sweetened water and filtered by decantation following resting and several months of ageing in steel casks. It will reach an alcohol volume of about 37%, with an intense aroma of saffron and a slight hint of aniseed.
The strong scent of saffron is attenuated by adding aniseed and aromatic herbs. This is an excellent digestive, consumed cold and straight, or diluted to make thirst-quenching drinks. It can be added to hot milk to treat colds, while it is particularly refreshing in the summer when added to cold milk. It is widely used in cooking, particularly for aromatizing patisserie products.

L.T. 19-01-2021

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