Pecorino marcetto o cacio marcetto

Pecorino marcetto or cacio marcetto cheese


Pecorino marcetto or cacio marcetto cheese is produced throughout Abruzzo, especially in the inland areas, but most of all in the Castel del Monte municipality of the Province of L’Aquila.

The sensorial characteristics are created by the development of Piophila casei fly larvae during the maturing period, but this in no way means there are health risks in the consumption of this cheese.

The ingredients are Pecorino cheese made from raw, whole ewe’s milk, rennet (or fig latex) and salt. During the ageing phase, when there may still be some whey present, wheels of cheese that are not yet quite mature or with cracked rind may be attacked by the cheese fly, which lays its eggs there. This is what starts a decaying process, above all of the proteins, so the cheese body becomes creamy and the typical aroma and flavour of this product begin to develop, especially its considerable piquancy, all of which make it a prized item with real connoisseurs. When the phenomenon has involved all the body, the cream is stored in earthenware or glass containers and kept in a refrigerator. The ensuing
product is a spread cheese with a deep, penetrating aroma and creamy or darker white paste, depending on the pecorino used to make it. 

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