Cured pork loin - Lonza


Known locally as “capelomme”, this cured loin is produced all over Abruzzo and, known by other names, it can be found in many other regions of central and southern Italy. It is a cured meat made from pork loin, which is cased in the intestine, bound with a medium-gauge twine and hung to dry, initially in the smoke from a hearth and, subsequently, in a damp-free room where it finishes ripening. 
“Lonza” is at least 30cm long and with a diameter of about 10cm; it is consumed  sliced,  preferable  with  a  knife.  The  meat  is  garnet  red  and  it  is streaked with fat perfectly balanced with the lean part. This is one of the cured meats always found in the typical Abruzzo mixed antipasto of just charcuterie or of charcuterie and cheeses. 
The processing methods, confirmed by Luigi Braccili in his Abruzzo in cucina (Ed. Didattica Costantini, Pescara 1978), prove that the traditional recipe has been used for at least 25 years.

L.T. 19-01-2021


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