Caciotta vaccina frentana

Caciotta vaccina frentana (casce d’ vacc’)


The Caciotta Frentana, known locally as "casce d 'vac", is a variety of cheese produced in areas of lowland and middle hills of the Frentano territory and of the middle Vastese, in the province of Chieti and is among the oldest cheeses of the area and perhaps the least known. On some administrative documents, the sale of Caciotta Frentana appears since the beginning of the 50s but from direct evidence it appears that its production has far more distant origins. It is a semi-cooked semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk and it derives from the processing of raw whole cow's milk, with the addition of rennet and salt, the seasoning is short, between 1 and 6 months with the typical imprint of the traditional reed dumplings used as containers, it is white porcelain when it is fresh, darker (straw-yellow) if the cheese is matured. The Caciotta frentana is a fresh and aromatic product. Cut and consumed young it has an elastic consistency, slightly chewy and goes well with fresh vegetables; it is soft, however, if consumed, aged and retains its delicate flavor. Its use has changed over time: born as a cheese to be grated or to be used to prepare dishes and typical Easter desserts such as "fiadone", today you prefer to eat it fresh, just a few days after production or just waxed.

(LT: 02/04/2020)


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