Ventricina teramana

Teramo Ventricina charchuterie - Ventricina teramana


The area of production for “Ventricina Teramana”  is  the mountain, hill and foothill  zone of the  Laga  Mountains and Gran Sasso.
“Ventricina Teramana” is a cured pork product made from pig meat and soft fats, with a minimum of 50-60% fat, very  finely  minced  and  salt,  garlic, ground white and black pepper, mild and hot chilli pepper, pepper paste, fennel seed, rosemary and orange peel.

The product can be flavoured with herbs grown on Abruzzo territory. It is kept and hung in a casing such as pig bladder or stomach or a synthetic gut but it has also been marketed recently in glass jars. Consequently, the weight varies, normally between 100g and 1kg, depending on the type of packaging. “Ventricina Teramana” is made from cuts of pork ham and head, belly and lard that have been meticulously bled, skinned, boned and cleaned of the main connective tissue (tendons and aponeurosis); off-cuts and minced residue may be used. The cuts of meat are ground using a mincer, that has a 1-2 diameter grille; in some areas the mincing is repeated to achieve a particularly fine grain. The mixture is blended immediately after grinding, using special machinery or it may be done by hand if the sausage is farmhouse made; in any case the ingredients must be perfectly blended.
The prepared mixture may be cased immediately or left to rest for several days in stainless steel containers, then used with meat or liver sausages for storage. Teramo “ventricina” is cured in a cold cell or at room temperature premises in winter months. Traditionally drying would occur in rooms with a fireplace, usually the kitchen, and this required a week or so. 
The product may be consumed after a few weeks and recommended maturing is three months in cool, damp locations. Teramo “ventricina” tends to be light or pink in colour with pieces of lean meat and the spices used being distinguishable. When cut, it is finely grained and can be used as it is or easily spread on bread. The product is spicy because of the flavourings used.

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