Torrone tenero al cioccolato di Sulmona

Sulmona soft chocolate nougat - Torrone tenero al cioccolato di Sulmona


The soft nougat bars produced in the municipality of Sulmona consist of a soft, spongy brown paste, with toasted hazelnuts.

The hazelnuts are visible  on  the  cut  sides,  sandwiched  between  two  sheets  of  rice  paper, honey, sugar, cocoa, egg white and vanilla flavouring.

The nougat is prepared in a special device known as a “torroniera”, which has a copper tank. Firstly, honey is cooked with egg whites, before adding cocoa, sugar and the toasted hazelnuts, prepared in the special toaster. The warm mixture is then spread with a spatula into steel trays lined with rice paper and allowed to cool overnight. The next day it is cut into various sized bars and then packaged. The area’s old nougat-making tradition is documented by administrative and accounting records (such as invoices, delivery notes, etc.) kept by manufacturers, dated historic photographs, advertising material and historic packaging.

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