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San Salvo (CH)

Where is: San Salvo, in province of Chieti, is the last town of Abruzzo coast and it is located at the border line with Molise region, towards the mouth of the Trigno river. It enjoys a location in 106 meters above sea level, about 5 km from the coast.

Why visit it: Its origins are very old. Certainly it was populated by Italic people, as evidenced by necropolis discovered in its territory. During Roman age it was the core of a great process of urbanization which interested the lower Trigno valley. Recently have come to light in the old town, many important archaeological remains that demonstrate the Roman layout of this village, on which the small medieval town was built. During Middle Age it was monastic feud and seat of an important Benedictine monastery. In the last few years, San Salvo was transformed into an industrial area from agriculture, with important settlements.

What to see:

  • Marina di San Salvo shows a long and wide fine sandy beach;
  • The Archaeological Park of the Quadrilatero with many findings dating back to 3000 years ago;
  • Porta della Terra Museum;
  • Saint Joseph Church which receives Saint Vitale relics, patron of the town, whose feast day is celebrated on April 27th and 28th ;
  • The tourist port “Le Marinelle”;

What to eat : during Saint Vitale feast day, the sagne done with flour taken in traditional “some”, the traditional pipizzera, composed of several loaves of unleavened bread attached to a pole adorned with ribbons and colored paper, for dessert the bagels of Saint Vitale.


Foto di Terre Dei Trabocchi [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/]

Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66050

Prefisso: 0873

Altitudine: 106m


42.0720025, 14.7652204