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Sala del museo archeologico

Archaeological Museum - Corfinio (AQ)

The Archaeological Civic Museum "Antonio De Nino", opened in 2005 and housed in a seventeenth-century noble palace, in the medieval village of Corfinio, collects the numerous finds found in the excavation campaigns carried out in the territory of Corfinium, the ancient capital of the Italian Peoples. It houses a vast collection of exhibits ranging from the Neolithic period to the late antique and medieval, organized according to a chronological and thematic order, visible in a path of 10 rooms with 43 showcases. The Museum's layout is evocative, elegant and emotional and boasts, in its collection, pieces of great value, such as the Cameo and a sculpture depicting the face of Emperor Claudius and the silver coin with the inscription "Italy", which attests to the role of Corfinium as the capital of the Italic allies in the Social War of the first century BC against Rome. In the rooms, on the first floor of the Museum, there are exhibits from the republican and imperial necropolis; from urban places of worship and suburban sanctuaries; from urban residences and public buildings. The museum, equipped with an elevator and services in accordance with the law, has spaces dedicated to teaching, laboratory activities, exhibition activities and a multimedia room set up for conferences and screenings.

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