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Archaeological Museum "F. Ferrari" - Guardiagrele (CH)

The archaeological museum "F. Ferrari", set up on the ground floor of the town hall, was inaugurated in 1999 and houses in six rooms the funerary objects dating from the ninth and third centuries BC found in the necropolis of Còmino. In the first room are exhibited some of the surviving finds from the collection of Don Filippo Ferrari, parish priest of Guardiagrele who in the early '900, for the first time, sensed the importance of the necropolis of Comino. The two following rooms display the outfits of the oldest phase of the necropolis, brought to light between 1998 and 2005, that of the tombs under stone mounds, dating from the ninth century BC. The windows display splendid bronze and glass paste jewelry, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches and fibulars worn by women and children of both sexes, spectacular appear weapons and large bronze fibulae of warriors and large vases decorated with meander Under the floor of Room 2 was rebuilt life-size Tomb 38, called "warrior Comino". The following rooms are dedicated to the equipment of the archaic period (VII-VI century. B.C.) and Hellenistic (V-III century B.C.) of the necropolis.  Room 4 also houses a life-size stone copy of the famous "stele of Guardiagrele", a limestone slab that reproduces the features of a warrior, dating from the seventh century BC. The municipal administration has entrusted the management of the museum to the Archeoclub Guardiagrele, which provides free assistance to visitors throughout the year and guided tours on request. 

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