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Abetina di Rosello

Beechwood in Rosello (CH)

Established in 1992, it is located about one thousand meters above sea level, on the border with Molise region. The 211 hectare forest, crossed by the Turcano torrent, a tributary of the Sangro river, forms the best preserved nucleus of silver firs in Italy. The beechwood preserves the tallest spontaneous tree in Italy: it is a white fir that reaches 47 m. in height! The "giant" is not alone, surrounded by hundreds of ancient and majestic specimens that exceed 40 meters! The forest is located in a ravine of wild beauty, therefore the trees are almost forced to grow in height, in order to have more light.The beautiful beechwood is also known for other height records of different species, including many hollies and a yew that instead of stopping at 7-8 meters, stands up to 22 meters. The undergrowth, characterized by holly and butcher's broom, stands out for its beauty. The blooms include: crocus, squill, martagon lily and numerous wild orchids including the extremely rare Epipactis purpurata. Do not forget that a network of paths allow you to appreciate the uncontaminated environment, the majestic fir trees and the wonderful blooms of the undergrowth. From Fonte Volpona, an equipped area about 1 km. from the entrance of the Reserve, the ring trail of about 1 km. - also equipped with an observatory - gives you the chance to discover the particularly suggestive corners of the forest and its wealth of plant and especially tree species. Fonte Volpona is also the starting point of a more demanding hiking route, about 7 km long, which can be covered on foot in about 3 hours: it crosses, skirting it, the whole wood. Guided tours by reservation.
A few kilometers from this Reserve, the Rio Verde Waterfall Natural Oasis offers the fascinating spectacle produced by the waters of Rio Verde, which plunges for almost 200 meters in three jumps, on rocks and lush vegetation.

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