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Casa museo Mazzarino - Pescina

Civic Museum "Cardinale Mazzarino" - Pescina (AQ)

Next to the remains of the home of Cardinal Mazzarino, born on 14.07.1602 and died on 9.03.1661, was established in 1970 a House Museum whose rooms display, in addition to documents and books of various kinds relating to the life of the Cardinal, also prints, tapestries and models. Each visitor is given an illustrative brochure containing the most significant data of the life of the cardinal, you can also read the bibliographic material, which consists of books and brochures "Mazzariniani" (works of the Cardinal, Biographies, historical essays, etc.). Among the rare relics there is a manuscript volume, donated to the Museum by a Generous Citizen of San Marino, Dr. Antonio Villanucci: it is the life of the Most Eminent Cardinal Mazzarino, written in the 18th century by the Neapolitan Luigi Parlati. During the summer the building also hosts exhibitions and exhibitions of Contemporary Art. The institution house-museum Mazzarino is located in a building, built in 1971-72 thanks to the illustrious Milanese "patron", Ing. Gervaso Rancilio, located in the upper part of Pescina, not far from the tomb of Ignazio Silone. It is well known that at the origin of the "Museo Mazzarino" of Pescina, there is also the interest (cultural and financial) of France, and in particular of Mrs. Madaleine Laurien Portemer, director of the "Biblioteca Mazzariniana" of Paris.


Opening hours and contacts:
From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 / Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00 tel. 0863-842156


42.0253997, 13.6505082