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Collelongo, at 915 meters above sea level and at Km 86 from L'Aquila, is a large village on the slopes of Mount Malpasso in Vallelonga, the ancient Transaquana Valley. In this valley, for centuries, a wild and at times inaccessible nature has guarded the secrets of the civilizations that have populated it: from prehistoric settlements to the Italic ones, from the remains of the Roman period to those of the Middle Ages, unfortunately partly destroyed by the violent earthquake that in 1915 destroyed the Marsica. Today Collelongo is an important tourist destination both for its archaeological heritage and for its geographical position within the limits of external protection of the Abruzzo National Park. The high altimetric development of the area, from 850 to over 1600 meters above sea level is characterized by wide natural views of significant biological and landscape interest with a varied presence of flora and fauna. So Collelongo, an island surrounded by history and nature, offers its inhabitants and numerous visitors a complete response to the needs of culture and leisure.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67050

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 615


41.8865363, 13.5833861