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An enchanting terrace on the Sangro River


19 maggio 2023

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Veduta panoramica di Archi, Ph. D. Trotta


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Archi, hometown of the famous philosopher, theologian, poet and man of culture Tommaso Maria Verri, is known as the Terrace on the Sangro River due to its marvellous location on a rocky spur, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Aventino Valley and the Sangro Valley. A place that is a true panacea for your soul and your body. 

If you love sport fishing, you can practice it in the several lakes in the area, as the Oasi Vallescura lake, a small corner of unspoiled paradise.
The climate, the fertile land and the patience of the farmers made the village one of the major centres of extra virgin olive oil production, included among the Oil Routes.

In the Middle Ages the ancient village at the foot of the Eastern Maiella became a fortified centre: the remains of the Medieval Castle overlooking the village with its walls and tower are the evidence of its defensive role. 
Traces of this ancient past can also be seen in the archaeological site of Fonte Tasca, an ancient fortified settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.
The Church of S. Maria dell'Olmo is a jewel of art, with its dome rising from an octagonal drum supported by spherical pendentives.

Archi's culinary art is closely linked to Abruzzo popular traditions and to the specialities offered by the rich territory: sagne e fagioli con pancetta (pasta and beans with bacon), maltagliate (fresh pasta made from puff pastry and served with mutton sauce), arrosticini or fish brodetto (fish soap).

The village's product of excellence is the truffle, used in a variety of local recipes, which has made Archi part of the National Truffle Cities Association.


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