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Between medieval Abruzzo and Paris


08 giugno 2023

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Ph. Comune di Castelguidone


Descrizione lunga

A small village in the province of Chieti, Castelguidone sits on a rocky ridge overlooking the Trigno Valley.
Its origins probably date back to the early medieval period. In a pleasant walk in the sunshine, you will be able to admire the remains of the walls, arcades and sub-porticos. The ruins of the walls in particular, which enclosed the medieval village to protect it from outside incursions and invasions, can be traced in several areas of the historic center, such as near the parish of Santa Maria della Stella.

We suggest that you enter this lovely church dating back to the 15th century because of the enchanting works contained within: following the passage of centuries, you will find a stone holy water stoup from the late 17th century, a Neapolitan canvas depicting the Madonna and Child in Glory from the 18th century, a wooden statue of San Nicola di Bari, signed Paolo di Zinno, dated 1761, to which was later added a papier-mâché work composed of a tub and children, and a wooden reliquary from the 19th century.

In the heart of the village, you will also find a Fountain, a symbol of the traditional life of Castelguidone, a reminder of the living past of these beautiful places and its inhabitants. On the fountain is an inscription showing the date 1895 and the names of Pietro Sigismondi and Adamo Meo, possibly local stonemasons. Other maintenance work dates back to 1824 and 1827, by the fountain-makers Nicola Marinelli of Trivento and Nicola Fondi of Pescopennataro.

But check out the curiosity behind Castelguidone: columns and a bronze head have been found in the area. The last one of such importance is now preserved in the Museum of the National Library in Paris. A finding that well attests to a sure glorious past.
The village is surrounded by forests in which you can adventure in interesting excursions. A destination not to be missed is the Oak of Colle delle Tane, locally known as the oak of "Aunt Brigida", in the Colle delle Tane Locality in the countryside of Castelguidone. The oak measures 19 metres in height and has a circumference of 5.70 meters, a National Monument protected since 2012.
Folk traditions, art, history, nature and ... food. We invite you to join us in eating local delicacies, including sheep stew, lamb chops and cavatelli with meat sauce.


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