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A charming village perched on the Sangro River valley


07 agosto 2023

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Civitaluparella, Ph. Zitumassin CC BY-3.0


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Civitaluparella, once reachable only by foot or on horseback, is a hamlet clinging to a spur of calcareous rock overlooking the Sangro River valley. It’s an enchanting place that offers sweeping views of the valley below and is protected by the Maiella massif and the surrounding heights.

The peculiar frame of this small ancient world is made by its ancient narrow streets, local stone houses and the ruins of the Caldora Castle, right on the highest part of the village, at the most impassable point to the certainty of impregnability. 
The natural defenses of the village is represented on the south by the Parello stream, which forms a splendid waterfall that is a destination for many visitors; Pantera Lake and Torretta Lake on the north, the Defense Forest, the Mount Pidocchio Forest and the Cese Forest, guardians that give it an unparalleled charm.

The first settlements date back to prehistoric times and are attested by rock engravings, some of which are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Chieti. Just outside the town, in the locality of Pennarossa, the Cese Cave is worth a visit. This is the site of these finds, where you can see engravings depicting crusader circles representing the wheel, the symbol of the sun, where the ancient rite of "incubatio" was probably practiced.

The local Museum of the Middle Sangro also has exhibits of rural civilization, ancient arts and crafts, as well as ceramics, objects and utensils from the last World War and a photo gallery telling the life, customs, uses and traditions of the village. This is a way to fully get to know Civitaluparella, in all its facets.
We also suggest you visit the Church of San Pietro Apostolo, an integral part of an abbey complex of Benedictine foundation dating back to the 12th century; the Church of the Annunziata, in the vicinity of the Castle, with a beautiful belvedere and the characteristic "Prazzacche" or Sant'Agata spring, where women who had just given birth bathed their breasts to increase the production of breast milk.

The periods when you can take a regenerating walk through the streets of Civitaluparella are various, but we suggest you reach the village during its main festivals: the Feast of San Rocco, patron saint of the village, with the blessing of loaves of bread; the Feast of Sant'Agata, patron saint of mothers in childbirth; and the Festival of Peasant Food, created to publicize the village's typical products, like veal, kid and lamb, fresh cheeses, aged pecorino cheese, mushrooms, truffles and cured meats…they certainly stand out.


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