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Civitella Roveto

An international medieval village


21 giugno 2023

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Civitella Roveto, Ph. Marica Massaro, CC BY-SA 4.0


Descrizione lunga

Civitella Roveto is a medieval village enclosed, like a treasure to be protected, by a massive system of fortified walls, which are still well-preserved today and remind us of past centuries, the struggles of conquest, and the hard and endless battles. 
Its prehistoric origins are testified by Roman finds in the Fosso Casale locality, which confirm the presence of the Marsi in these territories. Until the 11th century, the village bore the name 'Petrarolo', later replaced by 'Civitella della Valle' before becoming 'Civitella Roveto' in the 18th century. Longobards, Normans and Swabians followed one another on these lands until the village became a fief of the Colonna family and later, under the Angevins, part of the Kingdom of Naples. 

A rich and varied history, in the hands of the greatest powers and noble families of past centuries. The centre of the village tells the story with its elegant palaces, including Palazzo Colonna, Palazzo Ferrazzilli, Palazzo Villa and Palazzo Libri. The historical atmosphere is amplified by the beautiful portals of the houses, hand carved by local stonemasons working the local stone, and with the coats of arms and religious symbols standing out on the architraves. Finally, walking through the heart of the village, you will come across the characteristic votive niches, carved into the outer walls of the houses, in which sacred images are kept. 

Today, the village is divided in two: the modern part, built after the 1915 earthquake, is on the right bank of the river, while the older part is on the opposite bank, on an isolated spur, as an additional defence against attacks.
On your tour of this beautiful town, you will encounter various monuments that further embellish its aesthetics, such as the one dedicated to Enrico Mattei or the Monument to San Giovanni. The Church of San Giovanni Battista, built in the 15th century in Baroque style, will also leave you with a pleasant memory. Inside, it houses an ancient organ and frescoes on the life of the saint. 

Strolling around, you will come across the Fonte d'Auta, a delightful fountain made entirely of stone, dating back to 1844, with water gushing from five characteristic anthropomorphic masks. 
One curiosity we would like to add: Civitella Roveto is a village open to international horizons. Its twinnings touch several European nations, marked and remembered in the town's architecture through specially dedicated gardens: the 'Domasnea' Garden (twin town, in Romania), the 'Erytres' Garden (twin town, in Greece) and the 'Cessieu' Garden (twin town, in France). 

Your tour is complete. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and ... eat! The village has several delicacies to offer you, including truffles, both black and white, chestnuts and seasonal mushrooms. Also typical of the local tradition are pallocco, a mixture of maize flour cooked under the embers, sagne stracciate, quajiateji, tacconelle, barbecued lamb, potatoes 'nchiuvate, or cut in half and cooked in their skins under the embers together with pork belly, tisichelle, doughnuts made with oil, wine and sugar, and fiadoni, large savoury tortelli filled with cheese and eggs.
If you decide to come to Civitella Roveto in August, you can also participate in the renowned International Modern Art Prize, named after Enrico Mattei, an event of great prestige and resonance. 
What are you waiting for? Civitella Roveto waits for you.


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