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A vision enclosed among sea and mountains, tasting of oil and wine


26 maggio 2023

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Collecorvino, Ph. RaBoe


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Come on guys, follow us to the belvedere of Collecorvino, the "top" of the village in the province of Pescara, and look beyond: you are on a hill 253 metres above sea level, suspended in a panorama that embraces the Gran Sasso d'Italia and the Maiella, stretching to the sea. In between there are miles of hills with vineyards and olive groves, which are among the town's main assets.

We have to thank the first person who began to invest in the area, for all this beauty. His name was Corbino Longobardo, who later gave his name to the community, and he was the son of Alderamo, who settled here in the first half of the ninth century.
Corbino saw that hill on the east side of Loreto Aprutino and pictured it as a safe kingdom, which was also rich in the fruits of the earth, so he fortified it and made it flourish. He later sold it, with the lands included in the county of Penne, to Lodovico II, who in turn embellished it with the churches of Sant'Andrea Apostolo and San Paterniano, known as San Patrignano, a Benedictine abbot and bishop.

Among other treasures of village, you can still admire the marvelous double bell tower of the church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo, which dominates the village, and the fully restored convent of San Patrignano, on the opposite hill, with precious 17th-century frescoes depicting the lives of St. Anthony and St. Francis.
The religious monument tells you many stories from the monastic past, which will surely make you curious. For example, that of the cloister well, which houses the Maidenhair, an ancient medicinal plant cultivated for centuries by the Benedictines because of its beneficial properties in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Or the story of a 17th-century fresco depicting "The Last Supper", which was hidden in the refectory for centuries and suddenly came back to light.

Also admire the Church of the Incoronata, with its brick facade narrowed by twin bell towers, which preserves statues of certain value, and the old neoclassical-looking castle with its ancient observation tower.
After touring far and wide, relax on the Belvedere bench with a nice glass of wine "branded" Colline Pescaresi IGT, one of the region's most important wine-growing areas.
Talking about food, before you start the culinary dances, make yourself a bruschetta with the local oil, the Aprutino Pescarese DOP, a delicacy that has awarded Collecorvino membership in the association of "Oil Cities". 
Then taste the "tresca" maccheroni with duck sauce, the "Pipindune e Ove", sheep arrosticini, crispelle (fried pizzas) and the rich and delicious local spinach, which can also be enjoyed uncooked.


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