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A tiny village full of unexpected beauty, behind the Maiella mountain


28 maggio 2023

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About 800 metres above sea level, Colledimacine in the province of Chieti welcomes you with the elegance of ancient stone. Cultural assets of Colledimacine are built with it.
It is a tiny community behind the Maiella massif and on the slopes of Mount Maio, between the Cupo and Torbido streams.

Here history has influenced the territory and consciences. The most recent one tells that the village is counted among the towns awarded the war cross for military valor, for the sacrifices of its people and for its activity in the partisan struggle during World War II. 
The oldest history traces it back to a Roman origin. But it’s certain instead that the town, first mentioned in the 13th century, was a fief of the Galgano and Oderisio di Acciano families. 

Later, it became a fief of the Biondo, then the Cantelmo, until it came to the Barbolani, who transformed the castle into a residential palace, keeping the 16th-century portal original.
Close to the church of San Nicola di Bari can admire the historic building made of limestone and brick inserts: it is composed of two blocks arranged in an "L" shape and with the main facade divided into three levels, due to the difference in altitude of the site. The original layout is much remodeled – due to bombing during World War II, which caused the loss of parts of the structure – in some places decorations resembling triglyphs emerge, while other ruins have fortified elements.

The religious monument dedicated to the patron saint of Bari may originally have been the aristocratic chapel of the Barbolani palace, also built during the 18th century.
As you can see, its facade is very simple. It has a portal opening in the center, preceded by an entrance step and surmounted by a heraldic coat of arms. At the top, a circular opening resembles a rose window and, at the sides, two rectangular windows are at the aisles. The three-aisled interior holds several statues depicting the Madonna delle Coste, that of San Nicola and that of San Emidio.

Since you are there, you should visit the limestone church of San Rocco too. Documents and evidence about its construction are missing. Some architectural elements, such as portals and windows, suggest a medieval layout and the only date is the inscription on the tower: 1874. 
Valuable historical assets, such as the beautiful marble fountain from 1893, with 4 spouts on the major side and one on each minor side. You probably didn’t think you would find it in such a small village, that is so elegant and "sweet" for its fine air, its views of the Maiella and, above all, the delicious honey from many local producers.


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