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Raise your glasses to a small capital of good living


28 maggio 2023

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Colonnella, Ph. ArishG, CC BY-SA 3.0


Descrizione lunga

"Ancient buildings built on a high hill, a network of narrow streets and stairways, several characteristic small squares, an enchanting, unique panorama, the healthy, fresh air, this is Colonnella."
This is how the Abruzzese writer and humorist Ennio Flaiano painted the village in the province of Teramo, which overlooks the Vibrata Valley near the Tronto River, scenting Marche.

You too come and experience for a few days this delightful town that gives you unforgettable views of the entire Apennines, from the Sibillini Mountains to the Gran Sasso of Italy to the Maiella massif.
Its territory, naturally equipped with the prerogatives of "sentinel", was once occupied by Truentum, the last fortress in Italy of the Illyrian people of the Liburni, from what is now Croatia.
With the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the barbarian invasions, Truentum suffered the dismantling of the harbor and the destruction of the city. The populations took refuge in the hills around the ancient city. Colonnella was then born.

Many Roman archaeological finds have surfaced in the surrounding area, of which cisterns for collecting water are the main witnesses. You can see some of them, well preserved, such as the Cincolà Cistern, nearly six meters wide and in use until last century (visible in contrada San Martino on the Pianaccio hill) and the Ricci Cistern in contrada Vibrata. 
There are also the fountains, which are also probably of Roman origin, such as Fonte Vecchia, which you see in contrada Giardino and Fonte Ottone, in contrada San Martino. At the entrance of the village, you can see an example of a "pianciaia" or "pinciara," a typical dwelling of rural centers until 50 years ago.

Therefore, you are in a village rich in history, but also in...wine, appreciated since ancient times. The surrounding countryside is covered of vineyards of Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Passerina, which is an autochthonous vine grown mainly in the Teramo area, from which are produced excellent wines with a high standard of quality.
The limestone-clay subsoil of the area is the ideal environment for the growth of vines, which grow luxuriantly also thanks to the presence of numerous waterways.

You better visit the historic centre, before going in search of the wineries where you can taste the many varieties of wine, or go on the "Wine Route", of which Colonnella, along with four other destinations - Torano Nuovo, Ancarano, Corropoli and Controguerra - constitutes an entirely drinking stop. 
You reach the historic center via a long and characteristic stairway, built in the early 1900s and a symbol of the town.
You have thus arrived at the top, in Piazza del Popolo, where you can admire the church of Saints Cipriano and Giustina, which is visible with its tall bell tower from whichever direction you enter the town: a network of narrow streets, medieval buildings and elegant little squares.
Now a rich table awaits you, set with all the specialties of Teramo cuisine, seasoned with excellent olive oil, which thrives along with wine among the gentle hillsides of this wonderful part of Abruzzo, which is all to drink and experience.


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