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Gagliano Aterno

A village to the rescue, aiming for the future thanks to the past


07 giugno 2023

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Gagliano Aterno, Castello, Ph. Archivio Regione Abruzzo


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Typically, the first things tourists and visitors visit are the churches and monuments of the village or town in which they are spending a vacation. 
In Gagliano Aterno, however, we propose as first "episode" a visit to the community radio, a new cultural communication experience. It is based in Piazza del Popolo, the beating heart of this small village in the province of L'Aquila, in the Sirente-Velino Regional Park.  

The recently established facility, run by young visionaries, opens its doors to those curious to watch a radio show or to see the workings of the various technical equipment.
The second episode involves an in-depth look at the splendid monumental stone facade of the church of San Martino, which is still inaccessible inside but beautiful outside to take one's breath away. The religious monument was built in the 14th century by order of Isabella d'Aquino, countess of Celano, in the Sulmonese Gothic style and has a Renaissance rose window with "baluster" wheel spokes. 

The mighty castle that characterizes the hamlet was built between the 12th and 13th centuries by the founders of Gagliano Aterno, the De Aquila family, counts of Celano. According to tradition, it housed St. Francis of Assisi. Its later renovation was still due to her, Isabella, who was their descendant on her maternal side. 
The castle with the whole territory followed the fate of the county and, throughout time, passed by direct inheritance to the various members of the Berardi dynasty and then to its descendant families: Piccolomini, Barberini, Pietropaoli and finally to the Lazzeroni marquises, who are still its owners today.

Observe its main entrance connected with the drawbridge (one of the few remaining in the region) and the medieval fountain, which was built in 1344, also thanks to Donna Isabella, as evidenced by the inscription with Gothic characters walled next to the first arch on the right. The Gothic-style elegant monument has an L-shaped plan consisting of three niches with pointed arches made of squared stone, each one with a quill and the corbels below to support the conches.

The remaining ecclesiastical heritage, except for the churches of San Nicola and San Giovanni, is waiting for restoration. Therefore, you can spend time on urban or nature treks, accompanied by the environmental guides of a sparkling association based in Piazza del Popolo. In fact, let us remind you that you are south of the Sirente mountain range, in an area which is rich in beech and pine forests, all waiting to be discovered and hiked.
Still in the square you will find a delightful cultural club, which can also prepare you a small snack, and a stationary Apecar, which sells revisited local products and delicacies.

These are new residents of Gagliano Aterno, who have invented their own jobs, offering in their own way local desserts, such as confortini, made with chocolate, cinnamon and coffee, according to the ancient recipe of the Clarisse nuns (present in the village for centuries in the Santa Chiara Convent, now inaccessible) or the j'ntreme, a dish made with sweet and sour lamb offal.



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