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All the charm of history and nature written on chalk


07 giugno 2023

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Gissi, Ph Misterbp at Italian, CC BY-SA 3.0


Descrizione lunga

It is a tradition to tell that Gissi, a small town in the province of Chieti, is the only chalk village that is still inhabited. The certain fact is that the Abruzzi village, its name tells it, stands on chalk rocks with houses and residences built with the same stone, and with numerous natural cavities in the area, which hide-according to the speleological associations that are exploring them-wonderful crystalline chalk formations, even of different colors.

A heritage yet to be discovered, and a good reason to hit the road and reach this " viewpoint" that stands on a panoramic hill 499 meters above sea level, between the Ferrato and Morgitella streams, right tributaries of the Sinello River, and with Mount Sorbo dominating the valleys.
All around is a triumph of greens, bright and muted, from orchards, vineyards and forest patches, which infuse a sense of peace and harmony. A kind of natural color therapy, which we invite you to experience.

There are no official sources attesting to its origin, but findings of Italic tombs and artifacts from the Roman era, testify to the influx of ancient people on the soil of Gissi. Anyway, the first historical mention dates back to 1039 with the gastaldo Deodato, who "vouches" for nearly a thousand years of history written in chalk. Walk on tiptoes among the fine buildings such as Palazzo Carunchio, home of the Town Hall, the low houses and narrow streets, a reminder of the Middle Ages.

Reach the church of Santa Maria Assunta, symbol of the town, which was built before 1568 with later transformations in the 18th-19th centuries and with a beautiful bell tower made of limestone. Notice above the entrance, in the space dedicated to the choir, a valuable organ made in the late 17th century. 
Also go to the Museo Storico-Etnografico (which can be visited by appointment), which displays photos, tools, working implements, objects of daily life, portraits, documents, clothing and textiles that narrate the local history.
Finally, sit down at the table and do not pass up any of the delicacies, which express the local traditions of the province or, more generally, of Abruzzo.

Make room for the region's celebrity, maccheroni alla chitarra: these are squared spaghetti of good texture, usually seasoned with a mixed ragù of beef, pork or lamb; then a must are the arrosticini di pecora, a product linked to the pastoral tradition, capable of evoking the (lost) charm of transhumance.
They have rightly become a true icon of Abruzzo. 
Try also the fiadoni, delicious rustic ravioli-shaped pastries with a filling made of various cheeses, without forgetting to wash it all down with the wines of the area, among the oenological excellences of our country.


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