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Giuliano Teatino

An amazing hill full of cherry trees, all to be enjoyed


07 giugno 2023

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Cherry lovers, join together under the sky of Giuliano Teatino
Here, on a hill full of vineyards, at the foot of the Maiella Mountains and just a few kilometres from the sea, go on stage the delicious fruits, which are a symbol of spring and are rich in vitamin C and magnesium. Giuliano Teatino, in the province of Chieti, is a leader in the production of these cherries (with Raiano, in the province of L'Aquila), catalogued as a "Traditional Agri-food Product "(PAT).
You are in a real giant "basket" of cherries, whose cultivation concerns part of the territory of the village but also that of Canosa Sannita, Ari and Torrevecchia Teatina.

These are endless hectares, which with a touch of spring magic are colored with the amaranth hue of the juicy fruit, cultivated until the late 1960s mainly for the confectionery industry, as is still demonstrated by the presence in the area of some processing facilities. Later, the crop was repurposed with varieties for fresh consumption, to your delight and that of all enthusiasts.
Therefore, anticipate your summer vacation and come here the first week of June. This way you can take part in the event with a parade of floats, typical products, "cherry" sweets and a popular painting contest, which is usually held around this time (but always check the dates on the municipality's website).

It's a chance to visit the town centre (which was partly destroyed in 1843 by a land collapse) with the church of Maria Assunta e del Carmine, with its brick facade and a clock in the center.
In the homonymous districts, you will find the church of San Rocco and that of Santa Maria delle Neve, with a gabled facade having a portal and framed window in the centre.
You certainly can't eat only cherries. There are other typical products the area offers, such as "Sagne e fagioli" and "Pizza Scimije" (çime), a flatbread without yeast, very low and crispy, typical of the ancient Abruzzo tradition. In the Frentan dialect açime means unleavened.

To conclude, try the "Taralli di Sant'Antonio", whose recipe is still a secret. During the feast of the Patron Saint, these delicacies are hung on the ribbons that decorate the float on which the statue of the Saint parades in procession.
Do not neglect the "alcoholic beverages" because you are in one of the "Wine Cities", a member of the prestigious national association. Red, rosé or white, you are spoiled for choice. All you need is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo grapes.
Like cherries, ambassadors of quality, of commitment, of beauty, in an hard-working territory that deserves your attention.



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