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On the southern slope of Mount Farano, a splendid village guarding the Trigno Valley


27 giugno 2023

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Tufillo stands on the southern slope of Mount Farano, among fragrant woods and wide pastures. A typical village perched on the top of the mountain, from which your eye can admire, and almost dominate, the Trigno Valley.

The origins of the village are remote: the first settlement is of Italic origin, as evidenced by some finds that emerged in an area slightly higher than the current location of the village, dating back to a period between the 6th and 2nd centuries BC. Among the remains there is a votive key dedicated to Herentas, whose cult belonged to the Frentan people of Agello, with an inscription in the Osco-Samnite language. This ancient core of Tufillo may indeed correspond to ancient Agello Frentana.

The 17th-century Palace of the Marquises Bassano, with its striking façade, is of interest. One wall of the atrium features a large fresco with the Bassano coat of arms in the centre, surrounded by the coats of arms acquired through the various marriages of the descendants. Inside there is a permanent photographic exhibition dedicated to the findings of the archaeological excavations: clay and ceramic remains and the important votive key are illustrated. The original finds are preserved and visible in the Vastese Archaeological Museum, in the Monteodorisio Castle.

Walking through the historic centre, with its typical fishtail structure, you will come across the baroque Church of Santa Giusta, characterized by an interesting thirteenth-century portal in carved stone. The interior of the Church, however, retains a medieval style, with its ogival vault.

Would you like a hint? Come to Tufillo on August 11th, when the traditional "cavatelli" festival takes place. Take this opportunity to taste the delicious handmade pasta served with a sauce made from ventricina, a typical local sausage.


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