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Fara San Martino

Fara San Martino

Fara San Martino is known as the village of water and pasta. It is located in the Majella Nationalpark near the river Verde. The medieval village is very nice and well-finished. The ancient district of Terra Vecchia is worth a visit and the access is through the Porta del Sole. Other attractions are the Naturalistic Museum and the Majella National Park Visitor Center. The wildest places are situated outside the village: to discover the authentic nature you can visit the River Verde Spring and its pure and clear water, and the San Martino Gorges, a rocky and impressive place, that will inspire reference if you are walking there for the first time. Just beyond the gorge you will find the ruins of the San Martino in Valle Monastery, a real Bendectine jewel nestled in the rock, that has been recently brought back to light. You can admire the gate ruins, the yard, a chapel digged in the rock, the porch and the church with its entry gate, the altar and finely decorated small columns and bas-relief. However the main element of identity and tradition is pasta: a very high quality pasta is produced thanks to the pure spring water and the village is the headquarted for very important factories and artisan laboratories.

Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66015

Prefisso: 0872

Altitudine: 440m


42.090479, 14.2085751