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Museo del Fiore - Barisciano (ph. archivio Ente Parco)

Flowers Museum - Barisciano (AQ)

The Museum allows visitors to take a trip through the Park's plant diversity and is an original initiative, one of the few of its kind in Italy and Europe. Built in an underground room of the convent of San Colombo, the museum was conceived with the aim of illustrating, in a simple but rigorous way, the great richness and diversity of the plants that grow in the territory of the Park, the factors and causes that determined it, as well as the importance of preserving and safeguarding this immense biological heritage.
Visitors take a real "virtual journey" through the various ecosystems and plant landscapes of the protected area, discovering the extraordinary biodiversity of a territory that is among the areas of greatest natural interest in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Visiting the museum is fun and stimulating, thanks also to the use of images, films, animations and material of vegetable origin that can be touched and manipulated.
The structure is well suited for use by students and teachers from all schools and universities. A visit to the museum can be completed and integrated with a visit to the adjacent Apennine Floristic Research Centre with its large herbarium and carpoteca and, shortly, with a visit to the botanical garden and its nursery. A path leads into the ancient forest of friars surrounding the convent, one of the best preserved examples of oak groves in central Italy.

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