Torrone di Guardiagrele

Guardiagrele nougat


This kind of nougat is only produced in Guardiagrele (Province of Chieti) and is strictly speaking a hardbake, made from whole toasted almonds mixed with sugar, cinnamon and candied fruit.

Copper pans were used to mix and cook the ingredients, but have now been replaced by stainless steel containers. Guardiagrele  “torrone”  bars  are  usually  fairly  small  (measuring around 8 x 3cm and weighing 80g) and have long been popular beyond the region.

The writer, Ignazio Silone, actually used to order large quantities of them to give to his friends in Rome. This sugar and almond rock is compact, dark and fairly crunchy, with a strong but not excessively sweet taste.

L.T. 29-01-2021

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