Horseshoe-shaped liver salami in grape syrup - Salamella di fegato al vino cotto


The production of this particular pork speciality is limited to the Vasto area of the Province of Chieti, where grape syrup has been a popular product for generations.

It is 65-70mm in diameter and 30-35cm in length, white on the outside, due to surface mould. The parts actually used in its manufacture are the liver, lungs, heart, pleura, diaphragm and red cheek trimmings. The ratio of offal to trimmings is 70:30. These parts are minced using a plate with 5mm diameter bore and the resulting filling is blended first with flavourings of choice, orange peel and garlic. Next, 33g of salt and 22g of chopped dried red pepper are added per kg of filling, but hot chilli pepper may also be used. White wine, of at least 20 years of age, is then added to this mixture. The addition of 500cc of grape syrup per kg of meat was a local tradition that aimed to improve the conservation of the product but also to add aroma and tone down the particularly intense taste of the offal.

The well-blended filling is left for 48 hours in a cold room, then cased in pork colon. The resulting product is left to drip, hanging in a damp environment for 3-4 days, after which it is transferred to a drier, cooler place to mature for at least four months for best results. 

L.T. 20-01-2021

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