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From Lake Campotosto to the Gran Sasso Baronies

The Campotosto Lake located at 1500 s.l.m. it is considered one of the most important artificial lakes in Europe. It is a favorite destination for campers who appreciate the quiet, the beauty of the surrounding nature and the wonderful sunsets. Continuing on state road 80, we reach L'Aquila for a stop at the Spanish Fort, an imposing military construction very well preserved, built between 1554 and 1567 The castle is occasionally open to the public to allow a visit to the extraordinary paleontologica! find of the Mammoth. 30 km away from the Abruzzo capital, we reach the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, where the perfectly restored Medici Tower can be visited again and restored to its ancient splendor. Just outside the historic center you reach the Santo Stefano lake, an area equipped for picnics. The itinerary resumes towards one ofthe most scenic castles in Italy the Roccacalascio Castle (10 km} the set ofnumerous films thanks to itsmagical atmosphere and its strategic position, among the 15 most beautiful castles in the world. The structure has a square plan with a quadrangular central body protected by four cylindrical towers. In San Pio delle Camere (20 km) we are struck by the imposing bulk ofthe enclosed castle built in 1173, which provided refuge for the local population and livestock; the strut tower deserves particular attention with a wall and two other smaller towers. The province of L'Aquila is full of castles, built to defend a territory too exposed to the invading enemy. Visiting each of these manors you can enjoy a 360 ° panorama; this is also the case ofthe Castello di Bominaco (10 km] in the municipality of Caporciano.

C.I. 13/01/2023
Foto: D. Romano

Lunghezza Km: 103

Punto di Partenza: Lake Campotosto

Punto di Arrivo: Gran Sasso Baronies

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