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Montepagano is a small historic village, the oldest village of Roseto degli Abruzzi. It is separated from the city, on a hill from which the view is enchanting, caresses the hills, until reaching the shining and clear sea. The medieval heart of the village, which fascinates the traveler and transports it in a distant time, is his Castle, perched and rich in works of art, a real treasure chest of great value. But the protagonists here are the flavors: on the hills surrounding the village are cultivated olive trees and vineyards, which give oil and wine renowned internationally. Montepagano is not enough to look at it: we must taste it, live it ... letting it conquer us.

Provincia: Teramo

CAP: 64026

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 285


42.6786964, 13.9895925