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Vasto Vasto

The monument to the swimmer of Vasto

The wide gulf of the beach of Vasto is embellished by an original monument that, placed on a rock, characterizes this beautiful strip of the Abruzzo coast.

Although often mistakenly called "Little Mermaid", the monument is dedicated to bathers, undisputed protagonists of the vastese seaside summer. The agile silhouette attracts the attention of even the most inattentive passer-by, because from a distance it looks like a girl with her hair gathered and arranging her bathing suit before diving into the crystal clear waters of the sea. In fact, on a rock of Scaramuzza, since 1979, this "monument to the bather" stands out, imposing and elegant, dedicated to women's beauty, a tribute to all women for their multiple qualities.

The work, fused in bronze, was created by the Abruzzese sculptor Aldo D'Adamo. It weighs half a ton and is three meters and sixty high. Fernando D'Annunzio has dedicated these verses in the poem entitled “Lu munumuènde a la Bbagnânde”

Si vvi’ a Lu Uâšte, abbass’ a la Marèine,
sopr’ a nu scuòje šta ‘na signurèine,
tutte di bbrànze, jé lu munumuènde
ch’è štàte dedicäte a la Bbagnânde.
Âdde, slangiäte, di bbillezza räre,
‘i fa da spècchie l’acche di lu muäre;
quas’ a la nìute... sole la mutânde,
tutti li huârde, tutti ci si ‘ngânde.
Ognüne vàite ca šta maštrijènne
vicine a nu fiuccàtte, e s’addummuânne:
- ma la mutânde, chila ggiuvunàtte,
mo si li léve o mo si li màtte? –
Šta cacchidìune che n’ zi ni vo jè’
e aspette pi’ vvidà gna va ‘ ffinè’.


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