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Moscufo Moscufo


From the top of the hill on which it stands and from which it once controlled the territory in fear of enemy attacks, Moscufo dominates the whole valley, giving the inhabitants and travelers a panorama of great beauty. The area is inhabited from the farthest times and Moscufo was an ancient Roman "pagus", originally built further south than the current town, as shown by the many finds found. But the heart and symbol of the village is olive oil. In fact, Moscufo is part of the "golden triangle of oil" with Pianella and Loreto Aprutino: surrounded by olive groves and olive presses, here an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality with extraordinary chemical and organoleptic qualities is produced, so much so that every year a festival is dedicated to oil, to be enjoyed between tastings and entertainment.

Provincia: Pescara

CAP: 65010

Altitudine: 246


42.427376, 14.0536679