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Museo della Battaglia - Ortona

Museo of the Battle (MUBA) - Ortona (CH)

The Museum documents the dramatic events of the war in 1943, which earned the city of Ortona the award of the Gold Medal for Civil Valor. It was inaugurated on 6 May 2002 with the intervention of the Canadian Ambassador. The Museum is dedicated to the memory of the 1314 civilian victims and to the many Canadian and German soldiers who died during the Battle of Hortona. It aims to be a place for reflection on the cruelty and uselessness of war, transmitting a message of peace to the new generations. Inside there are memorabilia, photos, giant photographs and war finds from the Second World War collected around the city, including uniforms and personal belongings of soldiers. The installation is divided into three sections. The First Section is dedicated to civilians who suffered the war and is rich in photos and testimonies of that period. A model illustrates what happened in the centre of Ortona. The Second Room is dedicated to those who fought the war and contains objects, war and not, also found in the surrounding countryside, theater of fighting until June 1944. Maps explain the military tactics used during the battle. The Third Section is dedicated to military strategy, to those who thought, conceived, studied and prepared the battle. It also shows another important aspect of the war, the use of propaganda. There are reproductions of various newspapers of the time, which report the different stages of the battle in and around Ortona and reproductions of notices addressed to the citizens by the Germans stationed in the city.

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