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Museo Silone - Pescina

Museo "Ignazio Silone" - Pescina (AQ)

Inaugurated in Pescina on May 1st 2006 and realized in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, with the Archival Superintendence for Abruzzo and with the State Archives of L'Aquila, the Silone Museum is housed in the premises, renovated in the past to house the Ignazio Silone Study Centre, of the former convent of San Francesco, a vast thirteenth-century complex where the Theatre is also located, adjacent to the contemporary church now dedicated to St. Anthony. It is a museum that does not want to be a sort of sanctuary, at least in the intentions of those who strongly wanted it, but instead wants to address students, young people, ultimately the new generations, always present in the thought of the writer from China, to transmit those same ideals of freedom and integrity that are the basis of his work and his activity.

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