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Museo Paparella Treccia Devlet - foto di Antonio Di Loreto

Museum of Ancient Majolica of Castelli Paparella Treccia "Villa Urania" - Pescara

The Museum is housed in an Art Nouveau building belonging to the Paparella Treccia family, to whom we owe the creation of this collection, which originates from the passion of Professor Raffaele Mattarella Treccia and his wife Margherita. You can admire collections of ancient majolica, made in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Castelli, an ancient village on the slopes of Gran Sasso, famous for its manufactures. The collection documents the greatest artists of this art: the Grue family, Gesualdo Fuina, Carmine Gentile, Candeloro Cappelletti and Silvio De Martinis, excellent witnesses of a rich and inexhaustible tradition.

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