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Museo della Lettera d'Amore - Torreveccchia Teatina

Museum of the "Letter of Love" - Torrevecchia Teatina (CH)

Torrevecchia Teatina is a delightful village in the province of Chieti, which develops on a hill to the right of the Valley of Pescara, a few steps from the sea and mountains. The ancient village is dominated by the Palazzo dei Baroni Valignani, a late eighteenth century structure built on the model of Villa d'Este in Tivoli. In the Doge's Palace a truly particular and unusual Museum has been set up, the first and only one of its kind in Europe. It is the "Museum of the Letter of Love", a sort of emotional and affective story that collects romantic, touching and exciting texts that with the words of the heart express the great passions of life. The love letter, which the technological fashion of messengers and e-mails is corrupting, is undoubtedly the most effective means of expressing the most secret and intimate feelings, dreams, desires and emotions that everyone would like to receive!  The Museum collects an enormous amount of love letters - about ten thousand - acquired in a decade among those who participated in the annual competition of the same name. In addition, there are letters written by writers of national and international renown. Since 16 October 2012, the Museum has been enriched with two new rooms dedicated to the letters addressed to John Paul II, thousands of testimonies deposited in St. Peter's Square during the hours of the agony and death of the Blessed Polish Pope, in April 2005. Amazing letters written in different languages by children, teenagers and adults, in a demonstration of love for the Holy Father.

Entrance: free
For more information: Tel. 0871.360784  

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