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Museum of Peasant and Pastoral Civilization - Avezzano (AQ)

Inside the A.R.S.S.A. headquarters in the city of Avezzano is the Casino of Caccia Torlonia, which today houses the permanent museum of peasant culture. The tools of hard work and peasant industriousness have found their ideal place in an environment that in history has been the exclusive prerogative of the nobility. On the walls unpublished photographic images of Lake Fucino and the villages that lived of the abundant abundance of water. More nineteenth-century representations of the Lear that finely portray, in Indian ink, the landscape scenery of Marsica ... In the Museum where content and container have equal charm the arrangement of objects in the cabinets does not follow strictly thematic criteria or chronological or material affinity, and tried, as far as possible, to group them according to thematic areas but often this rule gives way to lack of space! Finally, it is important to underline the combination, wanted, between objects that have a considerable value, both historical and artistic, with other apparently more common, whose availability is still possible today in the local markets of ancient objects or in country houses; this is due to a precise intent that is to represent and enhance the symbolic aspect at the expense of the simple venial value. In this way the most humble object, which in the eyes of the older visitor evokes memories passed under the banner of sweat and fatigue, takes on dignity equal to, or perhaps greater than, the rarest and most sought after pieces. 

The museum observes the following timetable:

8.00 -14.00 from Monday to Friday

Tuesday and Thursday is also open in the afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00

Admission is free.  0863 502211- 502400  

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