Centro Studi Tradizioni Popolari - Cocullo Centro Studi Tradizioni Popolari - Cocullo

Museum of Popular Traditions - Cocullo (AQ)

In 2004 was inaugurated the Museum of Popular Traditions, located in the town hall, named after Prof. Alfonso M. Nola, famous anthropologist, who died in 1997, honorary citizen of Cocullo for his long attendance and studies conducted on the traditional Feast of San Domenico - Rite of the Serpari.
The central space of the Museum is dedicated to the Multimedia Exhibition, realized by the publishing house Sinapsi, curated by Prof. Valerio Petrarca.
It is a path full of significant photos, which reproduce the most evocative moments of the Rite.
In the other rooms there are multimedia supports for the consultation of various documents: degree theses, texts, etc..
The Museum houses the Centre for Studies on Popular Traditions, which has been supported by prestigious cultural institutions, universities and other similar centres.

To visit the Museum it is necessary to call the Municipality of Cocullo tel.0864.49117 -0864.490006 - For schoolchildren admission is free

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