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Museo Genti d'Abruzzo - Tholos

Museum of the populations of Abruzzo - Pescara

Important ethnographic collection including the costumes of various towns of Abruzzo, products of artistic craftsmanship, including ceramics of Castelli, ex-voto, tools and tools for domestic use and for the work of sheep-farming. It also houses the finds ordered by the local Archeoclub relating to prehistoric material, Italic objects, including a bronze helmet, and material from the Roman era.

The Museum wants to trace the history of mankind in Abruzzo from the Paleolithic, underlining the importance of the Italian tribes and highlighting how much it has arrived to us in terms of customs, beliefs, productions, objects.
The central theme of the Museum, divided into 16 large exhibition rooms, is the concept of cultural continuity, illustrated through multimedia tools, educational workshops, library, photo library, audio library, restoration workshops and exhibition rooms.

The Museum is located in the historic center of Pescara, inside the ancient Palazzo Delle Caserme Borboniche

secretariat of the museum: tel 085.4510026 fax 085.9943173  uffici: tel. 085.4511562 fax 085.9943173

(from 11 June to 16 September 2018)
Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 13:30
Friday: 6.30pm-9.30pm)

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