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Nature Reserve Wood of Don Venanzio - Pollutri (CH)

The wood of Don Venanzio, takes its name from the last owner who, in 1986, ceded it to the Municipality of Pollutri. Its extension is about 78 hectares and represents one of the last patches of planarian forest of the Adriatic coast, fully protected since 1999 with the establishment of the Reserve. It develops along the lower river Sinello, in the municipality of Pollutri (Ch), in the locality of Crivelle, between the SS.16 Adriatica, the provincial road for Scerni and the river Sinello. The entrance is located about one km. from the exit of the Vasto Nord - Casalbordino exit of the A14, towards Gissi. The whole area is fully protected; from the only internal avenue branches equipped paths that allow, with the help of guides, to enter the forest and reach beautiful corners. The climate of the forest is Mediterranean. The most important tree species are the white Poplar, the black Poplar, the Roverella, the Cerro, the Farnia. There are specimens of trees that come to touch the 25 meters high. Among the shrubs we remember the Edera, the Sanguinello and the Corniolo. In the undergrowth grow the Anemone of the Apennines, the Pungitopo and the Red Lily. In the waters of the river Sinello are Ranuncoli, Sedano d'acqua, Crescione. The fauna is represented by various migratory birds, foxes, badgers, moles and hedgehogs. In front of the park entrance, there is an area equipped for picnics.

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66020 Pollutri (CH) circa 1 km. dal casello dell?A14

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