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Forconium - Civita di Bagno (Aq)

In the middle Aterno Valley, near the outlaying village of Civita di Bagno, there is the archaeological site of the Medieval Civitas S. Maxim in Comitatu Furconensi.

Amiternum - L'Aquila

Situated on the high Aterno Valley, Amiternum was conquered by the Romans in the third century B.C. and became a prosperous municipium.

Catacombe di San Vittorino (Aq)

San Vittorino's Catacombs, built on the place where the saint was martyred, lie underneath the church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel and consist of six rooms dug in the rock, meant to contain the graves of the faithful. The main room contains the martyr's tomb, erected in the V century by order of the bishop Quodvultdeus who had a marble shrine built with materials from the archaeological site of Amiternum and contemporary marble carvings.

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Santuario e Museo di Maria SS. dell’Oriente - Tagliacozzo (AQ)

The sanctuary, for centuries a pilgrimage destination, is situated in the surroundings of Tagliacozzo.

Attested already in the XVI century, it preserves the thirteenth-century image of the Madonna from the Orient, which is told to have been transferred here from Ravenna, where it had been brought after escaping the iconoclastic persecution in Byzantium. The sanctuary contains also an Oriental Museum, which exhibits votive offerings, Byzantine icons, sacred arrays and coins form the Middle East.

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Santuario della Scala Santa - Campli (TE)

Pope Clement XIV with a brief dated 1772 granted the Holy Staircase in Campli the same privilege of the Roman one, that is to say the authorization to confer the plenary indulgence to those who had ascended it.

Chiesa Santa Maria in Platea -Campli (TE)

The ex-cathedral of Campli was declared collegiate in 1395.

Outside it results from several interventions that followed one another from the XIV century up to the restoration subsequent to the earthquake of 1703. The plain faade, adorned with niches and pillars fitted in the walls on two levels, dates back to that period: Giovanni Fontana from Penne restored it between 1790 and 1793.

Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo - Colledara (Te)

Saint Michael the Archangel's church rises in the Medieval central square of Castiglione della Valle.

Abbazia di San Clemente a Casauria - Castiglione a Casauria (Pe)

The earliest monastic center was founded in the ninth century by order of the emperor Ludwig II and a few elements of this original structure were re-used in the monumental reconstruction started in 1176 under the direction of the abbot Leonate.

Abbazia di Santo Spirito a Morrone

The monastery of Santo Spirito on Morrone, also called Badia Morronese, is the mother-house of the order of Celestinian Friars and rises at the foot of Monte Morrone, in the surroundings of Sulmona.

Abbazia di S. Liberatore a Majella - Serramonacesca (PE)

The origins of the Benedictine monastery are enveloped in mystery.

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